ASIA 208: Cultural Foundations of South Asia

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Winter 2017

ASIA208 Cultural Foundations of South Asia Sections

A survey of South Asian cultures, including language and literature, art, religion, polity and society, as they developed in the past and have been transformed in the modern period.

Instructor: Dr. Allison Busch

Allison Busch is Visiting Associate Professor of Hindi-Urdu literature in the department of Asian Studies. She received her Ph.D. in Hindi literature from the University of Chicago in 2003. Her expertise is in the early modern period (c. 1500-1800), with a special interest in India’s courtly traditions. Her book Poetry of Kings (Oxford, 2011)  aimed to reframe conversations in Hindi studies about the precolonial literary past. A recent co-edited volume (with Dutch Hindi scholar Dr. Thomas de Bruijn), Culture and Circulation: Literature in Motion in Early Modern India (Brill, 2014), draws together essays by leading scholars of Hindi, Bengali, Persian, and Marathi literature in an attempt to foster conversations about the importance of multilingualism and literary cross-pollination in the Indian milieu.