Travel and Conference Grants

Travel and Conference Grants

Internal Graduate Student Competitions for Graduate Student Travel/Conference Grants

The department will award a small number of grants to facilitate graduate students’ ability to travel to present their work at conferences and other research venues. Preference will be given to Ph.D. students already advanced to candidacy presenting refereed papers at large, academically prestigious gatherings.

To apply, students should

  • Complete Parts 1 and 3 of the travel grant form at, including a description of the presentation and a budget of eligible expenses, already paid or projected
  • Paste their signature (as a scan or photo) into the document
  • Email the document to their supervisor to complete Part 2
  • Ask their supervisor to email the completed form to the Program Assistant at: asiagrad(at) by the deadline

The other travel funding for graduate students include the Graduate Student Travel Fund at a maximum value of $500 once per degree program given by G+PS.

To learn more about the latter grants please visit

The deadline for the Fall is November 15th  and for the Spring round February 15th each year.