My research interests include, but are not limited to, Buddhist traditions in East Asia and the intellectual and cultural history of Chinese religions with a special focus on the early to medieval era. I am particularly interested in the Chinese reception of Buddhism and the interaction and conflicts between Buddhism and native traditions. Similarly, my research interests concern the Buddhist influence on indigenous Chinese worldviews and further, on the religious/spiritual life of Chinese people. I intend to expand my research on the relationship between Buddhism and native traditions to include other East Asian countries, such as Korea and Japan, and beyond, utilizing a cross-cultural and comparative view. One of my current research projects deals with religious syncretism and pluralism in ancient China based on medieval Chinese Buddhist and secular texts. I attempt to approach the topic by employing various modern theories of religious/philosophical syncretism and pluralism. As a native Korean, I have studied at Yonsei University, Seoul (BA and MA), Northwestern University, IL (MA), and Stanford University, CA (PhD).