Medieval & Early Modern Punjabi Literature | Documenting Punjabi Canada

PUNJ 402:Medieval & Early Modern Punjabi Literature
Wāris Shāh’s Hīr

In this class, we will read Waris Shah’s mid-18th century version of the story of Hīr and Rānjha, Punjab’s most famous star-crossed lovers (often compared with Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet). We will read this, the most renowned version of the story, in both Gurmukhi (the script utilized for Punjabi in India) and Shahmukhi (the Perso-Arabic script used for Urdu and Persian, which is utilized to write Punjabi in Pakistan). (Students must know one of these scripts to take the course, and will receive instruction in the script not known.) We will contextualize our reading of Heer by exploring secondary literature on Sufi (Islamic mystical) narrative traditions in Hindavi/Avadhi and Punjabi in the early modern period. The focus of the class is on reading and vocabulary development. If you are concerned about your level of/background in Punjabi, please email the instructor, Anne Murphy, at Several events will take place in Fall 2017 in the Vancouver area to celebrate the 2016 250th anniversary of the composition of Waris Shah’s classic text.

Winter 2018
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ASIA 475: Documenting Punjabi Canada

Some of the 200 delegates gathered for the founding convention of the Canadian Farmworkers’ Union on April 6, 1980.

This class allows students to work independently and in groups to explore the history of the Punjabi Canadian community through traditional text-based methods and oral history collection (in English or Punjabi). Final projects can take the form of an academic paper or a short video or sound project. The class will provide an introduction to Punjabi Canadian history and assist students in framing, researching, and completing independent group or individual projects on any theme, but special focus is encouraged on the commemoration of “Canada 150+” in 2017, and on Punjabi Canadian labour history in British Columbia, for which rich materials will be made available. Instructors: Anne Murphy (UBC Asian Studies) and Ajay Bhardwaj (documentary filmmaker and UBC Ph.D. candidate).

Winter 2018
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