SANS 300-400: Introduction to the Sanskrit Language

The Sanskrit Language, a World of the Imagination

Do you do practice Yoga? Are you captivated by Indian philosophy, Hindu mythology, or Buddhist thought? Studying Sanskrit is the key to unlocking these and many other aspects of the rich cultural heritage of India!

The Sanskrit language was designed to provide future generations with a set of tools that would allow for infinite creativity in creating and arranging words. This means that Sanskrit never dies—it is always open to further creativity.

In order to make this remarkable language accessible to more students at UBC we have adopted an approach to teaching that introduces the reading, writing and speaking of Sanskrit as a step-by-step process of learning to use the language in a practical way. The textbook we use introduces the principles of word and sentence formation that give Sanskrit its remarkable flexibility and logical consistency and at the same time includes many valuable exercises in conversational modes and recitations designed to build fluency through repetition and use.

The study of Sanskrit gives us access to a world of the imagination whose riches are only partly available in translation. It provides us with valuable keys for understanding the unique religious and philosophical thought of India, and a long history of creativity in the literary and performing arts.

Recent changes in the course numbers and structure of the Asian Studies Major mean that the two year sequence in Sanskrit fulfills the language requirement for the major in Asian Studies. Come join us for a journey into the enchanting world of one of the world’s most ancient languages.

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Winter 2017

SANS300 Introductory Sanskrit Sections

Basic vocabulary and most important grammatical features of classical Sanskrit. Useful to students of South Asian history, culture, languages, philosophies, and religions, and of linguistics and classics. Credit will be granted for only one of SANS 300 or SANS 102 or both SANS 100, SANS 101 or both SANS 301, SANS 302.

Winter 2017

SANS400 Intermediate Sanskrit Sections

Advanced grammar and selected readings. Credit will be granted for only one of SANS 400 or SANS 200 or both SANS 201, SANS 202 or both SANS 401, SANS 402.