Asian Studies (ASIA)

Undergraduate ASIA Courses

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Summer 2017

Summer 2017

Summer 2017

ASIA302 Theravada Buddhism Sections

History, story, and culture of the major form of Buddhism primarily focused on the regions of Sri Lanka, and mainland Southeast Asia, including southern Vietnam, parts of southern China, spread to Nepal, and modern global diffusion.

ASIA326 Critical Approaches to Manga and Anime Sections

A critical introduction to Japanese manga and anime in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Instructor(s): Orbaugh, Sharalyn

ASIA327 Korean Popular Music in Context Sections

History, contexts, and the genres of Korean popular music. Students will analyze specific artists and songs using a range of approaches. While an understanding of basic concepts of music will be helpful, no previous exposure to ethnomusicology or music performance is required.

ASIA329 Gender in Southeast Asia Sections

A critical examination of what it means to be a woman or a man within the social and cultural context of Southeast Asia. What "masculinity" and "femininity" signify in Indonesia's society; how these concepts are reaffirmed or challenged.

ASIA339 The Construction of South Asian Communities in the Diaspora Sections

An examination of contemporary South Asian communities in the diaspora. Topics of particular importance are family life, religious life, notions of space, communal memory, literary and visual representation.

ASIA348 Great Literary Works of Classical India in Translation Sections

Major Sanskrit and Prakrit literary genres as developed in the Brahmanical, Buddhist and Jaina traditions, including folktales of riddle, intrigue, etc. Ramayana, Mahabharata. Polished poems of the urbane. Plays. Learned novels and long poems.

ASIA354 Introduction to Japanese Cinema Sections

Students will be introduced to the work of the major directors (e.g., Ozu, Mizoguchi, Kurosawa, Itami, Oshima, Shinoda). Ideological uses of literary texts and period pieces (e.g., Ugetsu, Life of Oharu, Double Suicide). Impact of depiction of Japanese in American film.

Instructor(s): WHALEY, BENJAMIN

ASIA355 History of Chinese Cinema Sections

Introduction to the work of major directors.

Instructor(s): Wang, Rui

ASIA397 The Idea of India Sections

History of cultural ideas that led to Indias transformation from a traditional, colonial society tied to the British empire to a postcolonial, pluralistic, development oriented parliamentary democracy.

Summer 2017

ASIA451 Modern Chinese Authors in Translation Sections

Study of one influential modern Chinese author, such as Lu Xun, Shen Congwen, Eileen Chang, Yu Hua, Mo Yan, or Wang Anyi.

Instructor(s): BAILEY, C. D. ALISON