Registration Issues FAQ


When testing registration using worklists on the SSC, you may receive this statement:

This is a general warning statement meant to make you aware of prerequisites required for certain courses. This will often appear for certain ASIA courses and the Department’s language courses (CHIN, CLCH, CNTO, HINU, JAPN, KORN, PERS, PUNJ, SANS).
If the final sentence of the warning statement reads “The section can be added successfully,” you will be able to register for the course as soon as your registration date has passed.

Please be aware when registering that you will receive the same warning, but it will NOT block you from successfully registering. The final sentence will read “The section has been added successfully” and the course will appear in your timetable.

[NOTE: Ensure that you read Course Descriptions carefully and have followed any specific Registration Guidelines or you may be blocked from registering.]


Most of our Research courses are restricted to fourth-year majors in the Department of Asian Studies. To register in these courses, you MUST have fourth-year standing. This means that you must have completed at least 84 credits to advance to your fourth year (

Your academic record is reviewed every May to determine your year level. If you do not have enough credits to advance, you will not be able to register in a research course that requires fourth-year standing. Unfortunately, as space is limited no exceptions will be made.

If you are taking courses in the Summer Session (May – August) that will allow you to advance your standing upon completion, you will need to contact Arts Advising to have your standing increased.



Registration is blocked as courses become full. Should a course be blocked, please sign up for the waitlist section. Please visit here for more information on Department Waitlists.


Wondering how to meet the Arts Language Requirement? Please see here.