Apply today for the Global Seminar: Heritage of Chinese Migration Kaiping/Hong Kong!

Join Dr. Henry Yu (UBC History) and Dr. Selia Tan (Wuyi University), while exploring multi-disciplinary perspectives on the histories, cultures, and geographies of Cantonese migration from Kaiping to North America. Supported by an Arts Research Abroad grant, this course is unique in also involving students in an on-going international research project, giving them invaluable experience on how new research knowledge is created at the scholarly level. Kaiping will become for the students a “living heritage laboratory” where local knowledge about the medicinal properties of local food, as well as technologies for irrigation, planting, seed propagation, and food preparation, will be examined as the subject of in-depth research. Students will learn and document how these technologies and techniques circulated across and around the Pacific region, brought along by the migrants who went back and forth between the “Four Counties” and Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and other parts of the Pacific and Caribbean.

This is an Arts Research Abroad (ARA) funded program. ARA is a generous funding body made of the Faculty of Arts – Dean’s Office, Anonymous Donors and Go Global that supports research intensive Global Seminars. ARA Funding provides eligible students 70% of funding for the Program Fee, and a budgeted flight

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Application deadline is October 26th, 2017