BC “Chinese Bridge” Mandarin Speech Contest UBC Results

On Saturday March 11, 2017, the BC “Chinese Bridge” Mandarin Speech Contest for University Students was held at BCIT. The topic of this Speech Contest was “Me and China” where students talked about their individual stories with China, their experience learning Chinese, and their passion for Chinese culture. Forty eight students from eight post-secondary institutions over BC participated in the contest. Out of the 11 prizes in total, UBC students won 6 of them.

Congratulations to all the prize winners and every UBC student who participated in the contest! All of the instructors in the Chinese Language Program are proud of you! A big thank you also goes to our CHIN course instructors and TAs, who have put in tremendous effort in promoting the contest and helping students in their preparation.

Awards & Contestants and Class/Instructor

Non-Heritage Advanced – First Place – Syed Faiz Jaffar

(CHIN453/ Dr. Chirstopher Rea)

Non-Heritage Intermediate – First Place – Kevin Lee

(CHIN338/Ms. Liqiong Yang)

Non-Heritage Elementary – Second Place – Khanh Hoa Tran

(CHIN233/Ms. Yuchi Kuo)

Non-Heritage Elementary – Third Place – Noah Runesson

(CHIN133/Ms. Mingzhu Lu)

Non-Heritage Elementary – Third Place – Sugyeong Son

(CHIN133/ Ms. Cheiju Lin)

Chinese Heritage – First Place – Jenny He

(CHIN143/Ms. Pihua Lin)