Catch the Ninja Star: Ninja Tomonosuke and Kotetsu

Konnichiwa!  Greetings from the Japanese Consulate,

Join the annual festivities at Nikkei Matsuri and see the legends and tales of the Japanese ninja come alive when hereditary real-life ninja Tomonosuke introduces the unique and secret world of ninja and their ninjutsu techniques.


The world of ninja, which literally means ‘hiding person’, is one of espionage, infiltrating enemy territory, disrupting them, and sometimes even engaging in assassination.  With a unique repertoire of strategies and disguises, using specialized weapons and techniques, ninja were experts at stealth.  Originating in Iga City, once an isolated town deep in the mountains, during the feudal era when civil war was prevalent, Ninja are a very real and fascinating part of Japanese history and culture as Tomonosuke will explain.

Event: Lecture and demonstration
Date: Sunday, September 2
Time: 2 – 3 pm
Venue: Nikkei Place, 6688 Southoaks Cres., Burnaby
Notes: This event takes place as part of the annual Nikkei Matsuri Festival
Admission: Festival admission covering all indoor events is $3.00, free for children under 5.

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Hope to see you there!