CHIN CNTO JAPN Upcoming Course Number Changes

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What course should I take now?!

A: The course progression hasn’t changed at all, simply look up which course would be next in the normal progression and then sign up for the corresponding renumbered course. In certain situations that will mean you will be moving from a 100-level course to a 300-level course. The calendar may be of some assistance:

Q: Will the old CHIN 201 (new CHIN 331) count as upper level credits?

A: Yes the new course CHIN 331 will count as upper level credits. This is only applied to courses taken 2016S onward. We will not retroactively adjust courses already taken.

Q: I’m an Asian Studies Major, how does this renumbering affect my requirements?

A: The new major and minor requirements have now been updated in the UBC calendar. If you have any questions about your degree process please contact our undergraduate advisor Shirley Wong at

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