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Priority Projects

Hong Kong Studies Initiative

Hosted by the Department of Asian Studies at the University of British Columbia, the Hong Kong Studies Initiative (HKSI) is devoted to promoting the teaching and research of this most-improbable metropolis, both as an extraordinary Chinese city and as a spectacular international and transnational hub. Our goal is to facilitate the creation and transmission of knowledge about the past and present of Hong Kong, both by fostering academic research and dialogue as well as by building bridges between academia and the community.

Chair in Hong Kong Studies

One of the main goals of HKSI is to build on the strength and success of Hong Kong/Cantonese studies at UBC to establish a Chair in Hong Kong Studies.

We strongly believe that UBC, as one of Canada’s most forward- and outward-looking institutions of higher learning and as a university with a long and distinguished record of engagement with Hong Kong, is uniquely positioned to facilitate the teaching and research of this fascinating region.

The Hong Kong Studies Initiative Program Fund 

The HKSI Program Fund has been established to support the programming priorities of the Hong Kong Studies Initiative, among them:

  • course developments and other Hong Kong-related teaching initiatives
  • academic lectures, conferences, and workshops
  • community outreach and events

For more information on HKSI and how you can support us, please visit Thank you!

Initiative in Persian Language and Iranian Studies

Persian language has been a medium for literary and scientific contributions to Western, Central and Southern Asia for more than a millennium. With some 62 million speakers, Persian is among the world’s 20 most widely spoken languages.

Building on existing strengths in South Asian Studies at UBC — and recognizing that the geographical proximity of the Persianate world to India has resulted in a rich cultural and literary history — the Department of Asian Studies plans to build a Persian language program that will serve as the anchor for additional growth in teaching and research in Persian and Iranian Studies. With your support, we can create the following:

  • A Persian Language Program that includes courses in Persian culture and Iranian cinema.
  • A Chair in Persian Language and Literary Culture to focus on the historical depth and geographical breadth of the Persianate world.