Dr. Ross King on CBC Radio – Interview with Stephen Quinn about the Future Cantonese Studies Program

Back in October 2013, Gage Averill, Dean of Arts, announced a $2,000,000 donation to sponsor the development of a Cantonese Studies program at UBC. The program will include first- and second-year Cantonese language courses, courses in the history and culture of the Cantonese-speaking region and is an extraordinarily generous gift by brothers Alex and Chi Shum Watt. We believe this is one of the largest donations ever in Canada towards a language studies program and, with this donation, UBC will now be among few institutions that offer a Cantonese Studies program.

On January 3rd Dr. Ross King, Head of the Department of Asian Studies, was invited to CBC radio to discuss the Cantonese language and the University’s plans for the future program.