2012 Careers Night

Where: Asian Studies Auditorium (1871 West Mall)
When: March 22nd, 2012. 6:00pm-8:00pm

With catering from Afghan Horseman Restaurant, seven alumni and over 50 undergraduate participants, the event was a great success as students were able to get some personal time with each alumni in small groups. Note that not all undergraduates had already declared their major or minor in Asian Studies, there were first and second years and even the occasional visitor from a different faculty or graduate school.

The night ran on with prizes from our very own department and both alumni and students celebrated winners from their cohort.

Opened with a speech by Dr King, head of Asian Studies department, students were then invited to join for a short workshop with the career services. They offered simple and practical tips on networking and left behind precious resources for everyone to use. The next presentation really got students thinking as Go Global ambassadors joined us for the night to encourage students to go on exchange! They mentioned the importance of communication and the constant engagement with the local community had helped them develop not only in academics but also as a person.

As we progressed into the evening, students were introduced in groups of 5-8 to each of the 2012 Careers Night Alumni Participants. They each had about 10 minutes to question and answer each other’s concerns, questions or join in a debate of current issues and achievements. It allowed students to explore the current jobs each alumni is conducting and the importance behind each occupation. More importantly it helped in clearing the thick fog for many students on how to get to the job they wish to reach! The Department is grateful for the participation of our alumni volunteers and thanks them each for their time and enthusiasm.

After all the debates, discussion and laughs, faculty members, alumnus and students were invited for refreshments and food. Thus ends the 2012 careers night in a casual and lingering environment.