2018 UBC International Conference on “Korean Religions” ( “한국의 종교문화: 전통과 변용”)

Event Details

  • Invitation only
  • Language: Korean (한국어)
  • Those interested in participating in the conference of June 16-17 for two-full days, please contact Jinsung Kim (by July 6): mitol8274@gmail.com



Pre-Conference Event

July 15 (Sunday) 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Welcome dinner for the conference guests



Conference Program

July 16 (Monday) 8:00 am – July 17 (Tuesday) 18:00 pm

List of Paper Presenters

Choi Hwasun (최화선, Seoul National University)
Sim Hyeongjun (심형준, Seoul National University)
Park Sangeon (박상언, Korean Institute of Religious Culture)
Min Sunui (민순의, Korean Institute of Religious Culture)
Kim Hodeok (김호덕, Korean Institute of Religious Culture)
Cho Eunsu (조은수, Seoul National University)
Park Jeongeun (박정은, University of Prince Edward Island)
Thomas Kim (김성은, The University of British Columbia)



Post-Conference Event

July 18 (Friday) 3:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Meeting for future research projects and farewell dinner