Japanese Program Karaoke Night


On January 29 the Japanese Language Programme hosted a very successful Karaoke Night. Featuring 21 performers and 2 MCs, all of whom are current JAPN students, the event was attended by a large and enthusiastic audience who showed their support for the talented and energetic singers, who all performed in Japanese. There were two main prizes: an audience choice award and an instructor’s choice award, plus participation prizes for the singers. The audience and performers enjoyed snacks and socialized after the show.

Karaoke 1

Our Japanese teaching faculty and Asian Studies staff

Karaoke 2

Students enjoy the appetizers. Itadakimasu!

Karaoke 3

A huge shout-out to everyone who participated in Karaoke night!


Full Photo Gallery:

2016 Japanese Program Karaoke Night

Japanese Karaoke Night 2016 Poster