Koryo Saram Studies Workshop

You’re cordially invited to the first Koryo Saram Studies Workshop held at the University of British Columbia, this Thursday, June 27th, from 5 – 8 PM.
Koryo Saram are ethnic Koreans living in Russia and Central Asia. It’s the oldest Korean diaspora in the world. And this workshop is a rare opportunity to learn about Koryo Saram history, language and culture.

Workshop Theme: Koryo Saram and Modernity. Perspectives on Language, History and Culture.

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Dr. German Kim, Head of Dept. of Korean Studies, Al-Farabi University, Kazakhstan
New Challengers and Trends Among Koryo Saram in Central Asia
Professor German Kim is one of the leading scholars on Koryo Saram diaspora history, language and culture. He published over a 100 papers, books and volumes on Koryo Saram and Korean diasporas around the world, and is a frequent guest speaker at conferences around the world.
Dr. Ross King, Head of Dept. of Asian Studies, Univ. of British Columbia
Another “Language That Failed? The Abortive Attempt at Creating “Soviet” Korean in the Russian Far East, 1922-1937
Professor Ross King received his Ph.D. in Linguistics from Harvard University. A scholar of Korean historical linguistics, he is one of the leading scholars on Koryo Mal, a Koryo Saram dialect, in the context of his larger interests in Korean language ideologies and pedagogy.

Elena Yugai, University of British Columbia
Koryo Saram Children: Educating a New Generation of Soviet Citizens, 1920-130s

Elena Yugai is a graduate student at the University of British Columbia researching Koryo Saram cultural history, with a particular emphasis on gender and childhood. She is the founder and editor of KoryoSaram.info, the first English-language site dedicated to all things Koryo Saram.

Art Exhibit and Welcoming Reception

You’re invited to attend our welcoming reception (5 – 6 PM)  featuring authentic Koryo Saram cuisine.
All guests will also be able to enjoy an art exhibit with selected paintings and photographs by Koryo Saram artists living in Canada.
Thursday, June 27
5 to 8 PM
C.K. Choi Building, Institute of Asian Research
University of British Columbia
1855 West Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z2
We thank our sponsors: UBC of the Dean, Dept. of Asian Studies, Dept. of History, Institute of Asian Research, Centre for Korean Research and
KoryoSaram.info, MetalCraft Technologies, Sisterhood in Town, Gastronom European Deli, Samantha Chow Design, Bla! Studios, and Viktor Kim, Victor and Aidai Park, Andy Kang, Katrina Kalashnikova, Eugene Kim.