CANCELLED: River Governance and Sentiment in The Travels of Lao Can 河、治理與地方:《老殘遊記》中的情感工程

This event is unfortunately CANCELLED. Due to bad weather on the east coast, Professor Hui-Lin Hsu was unable to fly to Vancouver. 

This talk is in Chinese 中文演講

Abstract 演講概要

Sentiment has been viewed as a major force of modernization. Recent studies are inclined to understand modern sentiment in the early 1900s China in the context of metropolis growth. Liu E’s The Travels of Lao Can (1903-1907), which features an unprecedented assertion of the power of crying and overwhelming sentiment in its author’s preface, compels scholarly attention to the role of the novel in understanding modern sentiment in the late Qing. Yet the novel is set mostly in rural areas of Shandong province, and thus is difficult to fit into the rubric of urban sentiment. Starting from the perspective of environmental history, this talk addresses the relation between the discourse of sentiment in The Travels of Lao Can, the decades-long disastrous Yellow River floods that began in 1855, and flood-control engineering efforts, in which Liu E himself was an active participant.


About the speaker 關於主講者

Hui-Lin Hsu received his B.A. and M.A. from National Tsing-Hua University and his Ph.D. from Columbia University with an emphasis on Ming-Qing literature, and is currently an associate professor in the Department of Chinese Literature at National Taiwan University. His research interests include Ming-Qing vernacular fiction, literary exchange in East Asia, and visual and print culture in late imperial China. He is now working on a book about the late Qing novel The Travels of Lao Can, which demonstrates how Liu E’s novel embodies the most significant cultural, political, and intellectual changes in late nineteenth and early twentieth century China. His other publications are concerned with vernacular short stories, chuanqi, and literary adaptations during the Ming-Qing transition.

許暉林,臺灣大學中國文學系副教授,2017-18 傅爾布萊特及哈佛燕京訪問學者。研究興趣包括17到20世紀初中國白話章回小說、續書以及視覺與物質文化。目前他正從事《老殘遊記》相關的專書寫作。