SACPAN 2015 || March 6-7, 2015

2015-SACPAN-Poster-791x1024This year’s instalment of the long-running SACPAN conference is themed “Works in Progress” and involves presentations of current research on South Asia by scholars and graduate students at various institutions across the Pacific Northwest.

We are thrilled to announce that SACPAN 2015 will feature three longer lectures by leading scholars in the field—Sumit Guha(University of Texas, Austin), Andrea Pinkney(McGill University) and Mukesh Eswaran(UBC).

We are also thrilled to include a special evening plenary session with the acclaimed novelist Shauna Singh Baldwin, titled “Mind-Dancing with Language” (Friday, March 6, 6PM, Asian Centre Auditorium, 1871 West Mall).

Please join us in Vancouver this March for what promises to be a fruitful and stimulating conference!

March 6-7, 2015
Institute for Asian Research, University of British Columbia
120 CK Choi Building
1855 West Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T1Z2

All events are free and open to the general public. Please RSVP to Adheesh Sathaye ( if you plan to attend the Friday reception.

Presented by the Centre for India and South Asia Research and Department of Asian Studies at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, in collaboration with the South Asia Center at the University of Washington and the Center for Asian and Pacific Studies at the University of Oregon.



Download the full program of events [pdf]

Venue: 120 CK CHOI Building, 1855 West Mall


10-10.15: Sanjeev Routray, UBC, “The Politics of Letter Writing and Office Visits”
10.20-10.35: Prabhsharanbir Singh, UBC, “Violence, Enjoyment and Nationalism: Rethinking India and its Others”
10.40-10.55: Itrath Syed, SFU “The Rising: The Ballad of Mangal Pandey – A Postcolonial Reading”

11-11.15: Eshantha Pereis, UBC, “Hela Gee Maga: How W.B. Makuloluwa Showed Ceylon ‘The Way of Sinhala Music’”
11.20-11.35: Joseph Marino, UW, “Similes and the Oral Performance and Transmission of Early Buddhist Literature”
11.40-11.55: Michael Skinner, UW, “Consolidating the Void: A Study of the Structure of the Kuṣāṇa Empire”

12-1: LUNCH [for participants]

1-1.15: Hannah Haegeland, UW, “Imaging Activists in South Asia & the Politics of Rights: Representations of Sex Labour and Coerced Migration/Trafficking in Nepal and Pakistan”
1.20-1.35: Kamal Arora, UBC, “Sikh Women’s Religiosity and the Legacy of Violence in New Delhi’s “Widow Colony”
1.40-1.55: Quinn Clark, UW, “The Act of Listening: Islamic Healing Stories as Tantra”

2-2.15: Rupa Pillai, UO, “Situating Indo-Guyanese in New York City and the Indian Diaspora through Hinduism”
2.20-2.35: Mansi Majithia, UW, “South Asia Oral History Project at UW”
2.40-2.55: Sharanjit Kaur Sandhra, UBC, “A Balancing Act: Positioning the Heroics of the Sikh Heritage Museum as Affective History”

3-3.15: Kristin Gupta, UW, “The Animal Body in Yoga: Metaphoric Representations and Transcending Animality”
3.20-3.35: Christopher Diamond, UW, “Negotiations of the Classical, the Vernacular, and the Popular in Maithili Drama”
3.40-3.55: Genoveva Castro, UW, “Wajid ‘Ali Shah’s Rahas: A Ras Lila Adaptation at the Nawabi Court”

4-4.15: Dur-e-Aden, UBC, “The Effectiveness of the US’s Drone Policy of Targeted Killing in Pakistan”
4.20-4.35: Laura Randall, UW, “Rape in the Contemporary Kashmir Conflict: The Sexed Citizen, Pure Nation, and Use of Gendered Violence to Claim Territory”
4.40-4.55: Nick Gottschall, UW, “World Bank Versus Vote Bank: Governance, Development, and the Bahujan State in Mayawati’s Uttar Pradesh”


6-8: PLENARY SESSION: Shauna Singh Baldwin, “Mind-Dancing with Language”





8.30-9: Coffee

9-9.10: Opening Remarks

9.10-9.30: Christian Novetzke, UW, “Non-veg”
9.30-9.50: David Geary, UBC-Okanagan, “Buddhist Circuits, The World Bank and India’s ‘Soft Power’”

10.05-10.25: Mandakranta Bose, UBC, “Reconstructing the dramaturgy of Kohala”
10.25-10.45. Michael Slouber, Western Washington Univ., “Mundane Matters: Sex and Violence in Early Medieval Jain Tantra”

11-12: FEATURED LECTURE: Andrea Pinkney, McGill University, “Driving to the Gods: Roads, Infrastructure and Accessibility in Uttarakhand Pilgrims’ Literature (Māhātmyas)”

12-1: LUNCH [for participants]

1-2: FEATURED LECTURE: Sumit Guha, UT-Austin “The Political Ecology of the Horse in India During the Second Millennium CE”

2-2.20: Nicola Mooney, UFV, “A Patriarchal Pastoral: Punjabi Landscapes, Contentious Nostalgias, and the Times and Spaces of Jat Sikh Identity”
2.20-2.40: Ryan Perkins, Portland State Univ., “Reform or Sex: The best of both worlds in Urdu’s Literary Scene, c. 1870-1910”
2.40-3: Alka Kurian, UW-Bothell, “Rape by Punishment”

3.15-3.35: Mark Turin, UBC, “Mother Tongue or Heritage Identity? Ethnicity, Belonging and Language in Sikkim”
3.35-3.55: Maya Tevet Dayan, UBC, “On the Magnificent Murals of Tiruvarur and Turning Them into a World-wide Exhibition”
3.55-4.15: John Harriss, SFU, “Revisiting Bardhan’s “Political Economy” Thirty Years On: What Happened to the Rich Farmers?”

4.30-5: FEATURED LECTURE: Mukesh Eswaran, UBC, “A Gender-Based Theory of the Origin of the Caste System of India”