Symposium: “Queer Transfigurations in Postwar Japanese Popular Culture: Manga and Anime”

UBC Manga Symposium Information and Schedule

Symposium: “Queer Transfigurations in Postwar Japanese Manga and Anime”

Date and time: Tuesday, March 29, 2016; 9 am to 6 pm

Place: Asian Centre Auditorium, UBC

Charge: The event is free for all UBC and other local students with ID, plus all preregistered guests. Non-student, non-preregistered guests will be charge $20 at the door.

Please preregister by sending an email message to:

Description: Japanese manga and anime are popular world-wide, and one frequently cited reason for their popularity is the common theme of queering normative social structures to reveal transformative possibilities. This symposium will feature presentations by senior scholars of Japanese popular culture, manga creators, and graduate students working on manga and anime.

We will have five guest speakers (from Australia, Japan, and the U.S.), all very well known for their work on gender/sex/sexuality and/or queer studies in the area of Japanese popular culture. In addition, we will have research reports and presentations by graduate students from UBC and U Vic, who work on similar topics, and by faculty from UBC’s Creative Writing program. We have scheduled in lots of time for discussion, and are hoping for a very lively and interactive event. Please share this information with graduate and undergraduate students who might be interested.


Event Schedule:

9:00am      Welcome to our symposium!

Research reports:
Shirin Eshghi (UBC): “Writing is Sexy: The Fetishization of Female Authorship in Erotic Manga”
Sarah Wellington (UBC):”Finding the Power of the Erotic in Japanese Yuri Manga “
N’Donna Russell (U Vic): “Make Up! Magical Girls, Myth, and the Power of Transformation”

10:00am    Invited talk: Prof. James Welker (Kanagawa University, Japan) 

“Transcending Gender in Manga?: From Cross-Dressing Characters and Cross-Identifying Fans to Transgender Narratives”

11:00am    Keynote talk: Prof. Yukari Fujimoto (Meiji University, Japan)

“Women Loving: The History of ‘Yuri’ (=Girls’ Love) Manga”


1:00pm    Invited talk: Prof. Keith Maillard (UBC) 

“Hibari, the Real”

1:30pm    Invited talk: Prof. Alisa Freedman (University of Oregon, U.S.) 

“Judo Fighters, Rude Travelers, and Avid Fans: American Animated Sitcoms Slash Japanese Masculinity”
Research report:
Cyrus Huiyong Qiu (UBC): “Keroro Gunso: Transfiguration of Japan’s Imperial Army through Parody”

2:45pm   Invited talk: Prof. Andrea Wood (Winona State University, U.S.) 

“Mapping Commercial and Cultural Flows: Overlap and Intersection in Japanese Boys’ Love and Western M/M Romance Fiction”

Research report:
Dr. Nick Hall (UBC): “Yaji and Kita: Gay Men of Edo in Kudō Kankurō’s Mayonaka no Yaji-san Kita-san”

4:00pm    Invited talk: Taylor Brown-Evans (UBC)  

“How comics aren’t manga: why storytelling, not content, defines the form”
Research report:
Benjamin Whaley (UBC): “Will the Real 日本人 Please Stand Up: Queering the Japanese Family in Tezuka’s Gringo

4:45pm   Invited talk: Prof. Mark McLelland (University of Wollongong, Australia)

“Modes of Governmentality and Fan Resistance in the Japan Pop Culture Sphere”

5:30pm   Round Table Discussion
6:00pm   Event Closing Remarks

***Coffee and Refreshments will be served***

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