The Age of Irreverence at the UBC Bookstore

Modern China’s Humour Revolution

誰是”破夜壺室主”? 哪些民國暢銷作家自稱是”賣笑維生”? 軍閥時期的”放屁主義”從何而起? “幽默”如何成為我們今天的慣用語? 來聽UBC教授雷勤風介紹他獲漢學研究至高榮譽”列文森大獎”的力作——《大不敬的年代:近代中國新笑史》(台北:麥田, 2018)。


China’s entry into the modern age was not just traumatic but uproarious. As the Qing dynasty collapsed, joke books boomed. As warlords fought, writers competed to sling the funniest insult. “Humour” (youmo) became a household word. Come hear UBC professor Christopher Rea talk about how the first decades of the twentieth century transformed how Chinese people thought and talked about what’s funny, drawing from his award-winning book The Age of Irreverence: A New History of Laughter in China.

Thursday, October 18th 2018
4pm to 5pm
UBC Bookstore, 6200 University Boulevard

This event will be conducted in Mandarin and English.

Copies of both the Chinese and English editions of The Age of Irreverence are now on sale at the UBC Bookstore.

Dr. Chris Rea will also be giving the same talk on October 13th at the Vancouver Public Central Library. Click here for details.