UBC students represent proudly in 2013 BC “Chinese Bridge” Mandarin Speech Contest

On Saturday, March 23rd, 2013 the BC “Chinese Bridge” Mandarin Speech Contest for University Students was held at BCIT. This contest was sponsored by the Consulate General of People’s Republic of China in Vancouver and organized by the Confucius Institute at BCIT and the Canadian TCSL Association.

Seventy-three students from UBC, SFU, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Trinity Western University, University of Victoria, Langara College and Sprott Shaw Community College participated in the contests, among which thirty-six were UBC students. The UBC contestants come from both heritage and non-heritage streams, from different levels of CHIN courses, and from graduate programs in Asian Studies.

The topic of the Speech Contest was “Me and China”. UBC students talked about their individual stories of China; their experience learning Chinese and their passion for Chinese culture. Out of the 14 prizes in total, UBC students won 8 of them.

Congratulations to all the prize winners, and every UBC student who participated in the contest. All of you have made UBC proud. A big thank you also goes to our CHIN course instructors, who put in tremendous effort in helping their students in preparation for the contest.

UBC Prize winners:

1. Native Cantonese Speaker – Intermediate-Advanced Level: 1st Place Clara Ng (from CHIN323, Instructor: Lu, Mingzhu)

2. Clara Ng

2. Heritage Beginner Born Overseas: Award of Excellence: Audrey Tong (from CHIN118, Instructor: Liu, Xueshun)


3. Non-heritage speaker (International/exchange students and adult learners)” Award of Excellence: KakHsien Tan (from CHIN317, Instructor: Cheng, Maorong)

4. KakHsien Tan

4. Non-heritage speaker – Elementary Level: 2nd Place Syed Faiz Jaffar (from CHIN108, Instructor: Xia, Wei), 3rd Place Kristen Chan (from CHIN108, Instructor: Xia, Wei), 3rd Place Adam Anonuevo (from CHIN103, Instructor: Wang, Qian)

5. Consul Xue presenting prize to Syed Faiz Jaffar6. Dean of Confucius Institute at BCIT Dr. Gu presenting prize to Kristen Chan

7. Adam Anonuevo talking about his story of learning Chinese

5. Non-heritage speaker – Intermediate – Advanced Level: 1st Place: Destiny Lu-Lceary; 2nd Place: Nicholas Weston Sabin (from CHIN303 and CHIN307, Instructor: Wu, Xinxin)

8. Destiny Lu-Lceary and her story with China

9. Vice Consul General of the P.R.of China Mr. Runlong Mao presenting prize to Nicholas Weston Sabin