Upcoming Workshop — Popular Sikhism in History: Text and Identities

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Workshop Topic: Popular Sikhism in History: Text and Identities

Wednesday, October 29th, 11-12PM
Location: Asian Studies, Rm604, 1871 West Mall

Presenter: Peder Gedda
Peder Gedda is a doctoral student in the Department of Asian Studies. He is doing his research on the earliest known code of conduct (the Rahit) in Sikh religion under the supervision of Dr. Anne Murphy. Peder’s research deals with notions of religious etiquette in North India in the early 18th century in the Sikh tradition but also other religious groups. Peder is also interested in the connection between North India and Central Asia/the Middle East.

The presentation will bring up the construction of multiple religious identities in the earliest known Sikh code of conduct. It will specifically deal with the interplay between normative texts on religious etiquette and notions of multiple identities. Finally, it will attempt to show the connection to present day religious identities in the Sikh religious tradition.



Image: Sikh priest reading the Grunth, Umritsur” — William Simpson (1867): http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Sikh_priest_reading_the_Grunth.jpg (made Public Domain by British Library)