Asian Studies Welcome Back Lunch

All transfer and returning Arts Undergraduate students (2nd, 3rd and 4th years) are welcome to join us for our Welcome Back Lunch on Imagine Day. Come learn about the Asian Studies experience and join the Asian Studies community. Meet with faculty and staff, network with alumni and mingle with students over lunch. Imagine day is your greatest opportunity to become aware of the programs across campus and start planning ahead! We hope that you will leave more knowledgeable about our Language and Culture Programs, UBC’s Go Global Exchange Program and UBC’s student work opportunities.

Tuesday, September 4th, 2018
Time: 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM
Location: Asian Centre Auditorium, 1871 West Mall
Price: Free

  • Visit our Korean language program booth to answer fun trivia questions with our language instructor, Eurie Shin!
  • Check out our Chinese language program booth to create your Chinese name calligraphy bookmark! Learn about the origins of Chinese characters and try your hand at writing your own Chinese name with language instructors, Sunnie Wang and Sheni Chen!
  • Take a look at our Japanese language program booth to play an exciting Japanese beans game and become a pro chopsticks user! You can also learn how to count numbers in Japanese with language instructors Masumi Abe-sensei and Hoshi Saori-sensei.
  • Try your hand at answering more interesting trivia questions at the Cantonese language program booth with language instructor, Raymond Pai!
  • Visit the South Asia language program booth to…

Take a mini Bhangra workshop and ask Dr. Anne Murphy about the Punjabi language program.

Get custom henna done on your hand and ask Dr. Sunil Bhatt any questions about the Hindi-Urdu language program.

Try your hand at writing Iranian calligraphy with Persian language instructor, Mozhgan Zolfi.

Learn the Sanskrit alphabet through cool drumming activities with Dr. Thomas Hunter.