Workshop on Literary Production and Language Politics in Postwar Japan:

This event features  keynote talks by Toeda Hirokazu and Tanaka Yukari.


Event Schedule:

1:15pm        Toeda Hirokazu, “Japanese Literature and Two Systems of Press Control: The Intersection of Home Ministry and GHQ/SCAP Censorship During the Occupation Period” [in Japanese]

2:00pm      Comments by Christina Yi, followed by general discussion

2:30-2:45pm    Break

2:45pm    Tanaka Yukari, “The ‘Dialect Cosplay’ Phenomenon: Detaching Regional Dialects from Geographic Localities” [in Japanese]

3:30pm    Comments by Hayashi Naoki (Nihon University), followed by general discussion


Speaker profiles:

TOEDA Hirokazu is Professor in the School of Letters, Arts, and Sciences at Waseda University. He also serves as Dean of the Cultural Affairs Division at Waseda. With more than 100 publications, Dr. Toeda’s research interests revolve around relations between the publishing and film industries and literary production in the 20th century.

TANAKA Yukari is a professor of Japanese linguistics in the College of Humanities and Sciences, Nihon University, Japan. Dr. Tanaka’s research centers on social linguistics in Japanese communities. Her recent research has focused on Japanese regional dialects, particularly concerning “virtual dialects” and the linguistic landscapes of Tokyo.


This event is co-sponsored by the UBC Asian Studies Department and the Centre for Japanese Research