GoGlobal Seminar Course applications still open until February 12th 2017.

Take a UBC credit course in another part of the world!

Applications are due February 12th , 2017. There is no cost to apply! Visit the website or contact go.global@ubc.ca for more information!

The Heritage of Chinese Migration – The Village Fortress/Mansions of Kaiping -(HIST 482: The Heritage of Chinese Migration, or ASTU 400: Interdisciplinary Studies in Arts) ) This is a 3 credit, 400-level History exchange course offered by UBC’s Department of History Professor Henry Yu (Principal of St. John’s College). Partnering with Shaw College at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Kaiping Village Conservation and Development project, students will have the opportunity to explore different perspectives on the history, cultures, and geographies of Cantonese migration from the “Szeyup” or “Four Counties” area of Canton (Guangdong) Province.

Intensive Chinese in Taiwan – (CHIN 231: Basic Chinese II (Non-Heritage) and CHIN 233 as transfer from NTNU) This is a 6-week intensive Chinese language program taught in Taiwan focusing on using Mandarin Chinese in everyday situations on selected topics. Students will have 96 instructional hours in total with extracurricular activities. The extracurricular activities will include three English-language lectures on selected topics such as Taiwan minority groups, Taiwan history, Taiwan society, and Taiwan globalization