Doctor of Philosophy in Asian Studies

Admission to the PhD program in Asian Studies normally requires an MA in Asian Studies or its equivalent. Before admittance, candidates for the PhD program must have an adequate command of one of the following languages: Chinese, Japanese, Hindi/Urdu, Punjabi, Sanskrit or Korean . In the case of Chinese, this will mean a competent reading knowledge of both modern and classical forms of the language.

In special cases, PhD degree programs can be arranged jointly between Asian studies and other departments. For interdisciplinary programs, please contact the Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate Program directly

Those interested in Asia-related modern history, political science, commerce, economics, geography, fine arts, anthropology or sociology, should apply to the department concerned.

Please be advised that we don’t accept late applications and we don’t have January or May admissions.

Most students begin their program at the start of the Winter Session (Tuesday, after Labor Day). Under special circumstances students may be allowed to begin their program in the second term of the Winter Session, that is, in January (after New Year’s Day).

Ph.D. students will normally be required to spend a minimum of two Winter Sessions in residency taking required courses. This period maybe reduced with permission of the Supervisor.

Candidacy in the Ph.D. programs may be terminated if the degree is not awarded within a period of six years from initial registration. Extension of candidacy and on-leave status is possible only in certain exceptional circumstances.

Student’s progress will be reviewed at the end of  Winter term 2 of each year. A candidate may be required to withdraw if progress has not been satisfactory.

A graduate student’s registration for a second term in a degree program will be blocked until all conditions for admission to that program have been met.