Minimum Admission Requirements

Master of Arts Degree (M.A.)

  1. A Bachelor of Arts degree from an accredited university level institution.
  2. At least four years of study in a relevant discipline with a B+ average in 300 and 400 level courses (for Canadian and U.S. Master’s applicants) and a B+ overall average for international applicants.
  3. Reading competence in the language most useful for proposed graduate work required. (Normally, at least three to four years of previous course work).

Important note to students with three-year bachelor’s degrees from European institutions (except UK): European bachelor’s degrees of three years’ duration are considered on a case-by-case basis for graduate admission eligibility. There can be no definitive answer about the admission eligibility of your degree until you have submitted an entire application package.

 Doctor of philosophy in Asian Studies (PhD)

  1. Master of Arts in Asian Studies or related field or equivalent from an accredited university-level institution.
  2. Overall average of B+ (76% at UBC) in master’s degree program.
  3. Before admittance, candidates for the Ph.D. program must have an adequate command of one of the following languages: Chinese, Japanese, Hindi/Urdu, Punjabi, Sanskrit or Korean. In the case of Chinese, this will mean a competent reading knowledge of both modern and classical forms of the language.

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