Program Extension

University regulations establish a five-year time limit for the completion of a master’s program and a six-year time limit for the completion of a doctoral program. Please see  for information on extensions. The time that the student is on approved leave does not count in the determination of the time limit. To apply for an extension of your program, send your request for an extension to your supervisor and the Graduate Advisor (cc: Grad Secretary ) stating your reasons for not completing the program, how many months of extension ( four, eight of twelve months ), and a detailed time line ( month-by-month) of how your thesis will be completed in the period requested. Your supervisor needs to provide minutes from the last supervisory committee meeting (for PhD students et least once a year) as well as the comments on your progress.

You can find here instructions  how to request a program extension.

For a sample of an Extension Time line, see

The Graduate Advisor, if she/he agreed with the request, will submit a recommendation for extension to the The Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. Extensions will not be granted beyond two years. The Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies will ask you for a progress report after every term.