A student wishing to withdraw voluntarily from the program must notify the Department (your supervisor,  the Graduate Advisor and the Grad Secretary) in writing in order to obtain the approval. You have to state the effective date of withdrawal.  If approved, the Graduate Advisor will send a form with your request to G+PS asking for your withdrawal. When the withdrawal is approved, the academic record will show the date of withdrawal and a standing of “W” in all courses not completed on that date. If withdrawal is not approved, the student will remain reandgistered in all courses and a final grade and/or standing will be assigned at the end of the term or session. A student who does not complete formal withdrawal procedures will be liable for all assessed fees until such procedures are completed. Retroactive withdrawal requests are normally not approved by G+PS.

For more about withdrawals and procedures please visit https://www.grad.ubc.ca/faculty-staff/policies-procedures/withdrawal