Research Resources

The Asian Studies Library, housed in the Asian Center, holds an impressive collection of books and other publications in Chinese, Hindi, Indonesia, Japanese, Korean, Sanskrit, Urdu and other languages of Asia, such as Bengali, Marathi, Punjabi and Tamil. It is one of the best libraries of its kind in North America.

The purchase in 1958 of the important P’u-pan collection by Professor Ho Ping-ti was the first significant step in the creation of a respectable research resource in Chinese. Subsequent purchases have further enriched this collection.

A good foundation for the Japanese collection was laid by the acquisition of books from the libraries of the late E.H. Norman and G. B. Sansom and by the purchase of the Tokugawa map collection. The university library is also a repository for Japanese Government Publications.

Library facilities in South Asian studies are also good, particularly in Indian Studies. The university is a founder/member of the Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute and has participated in its book-purchasing program since 1969.

The Asian Studies Library at present holds approximately 410,500 volumes: 225,000 in Chinese, 120,000 in Japanese, 51,000 in Indic, 9,3000 in Korean, and 5,200 in Indonesian, as well as over 5,500 reels of microfilm and 21,000 sheets of microfiche.

These figures do not include materials in Western languages, which are housed in the Main Library, Sedgewick Koerner Library, and the Asian Studies Reading Room.

Finding Books, Periodicals, etc.

Books, journals and periodicals in English and other European languages are mostly in the Main Library and the Sedgewick Koerner Library, and in the Asian Studies Reading Room. Law books and periodicals in Asian languages are located in the Law Library.

Materials in ASIAN LANGUAGES are generally available only in the Asian Studies Library in the Asian Center.

The Asian Studies Reading Room, in the Auditorium Annex B, 1924 West Mall, mainly contains basic reference works, surveys, histories, important monographs, and issues of select periodicals. It is open to all Graduate students and majors in Asian Studies. Key forms may be obtained from the departmental office.

Newspapers from Asia and Asian ethnic periodicals published in Canada are available in the Sedgewick Koerner Library, Asian Studies Library, and the Lounge of the Department of Asian Studies.

The reading room of the Institute of Asian Research and of the U.B.C. journal Pacific Affairs, as well as the reading rooms of discipline departments such as Anthropology and History, frequently contain materials on Asia. The branch libraries of Law, Medicine, etc. may also have to be explored occasionally for Asian materials.

Students are urged to try for as broad an education as reasonably possible. It is highly recommended that all graduate students attend a TAG (Teaching Academic Growth) instructional skills workshop.