KIZUNA – Poetry Workshop @ Tea Gallery on March 6th


March 6th (Coming Monday), 2:00pm-5:00pm

Tea Gallery at the Asian Centre, UBC


– 2:00  Opening

– 2:15-2:45  Japanese Shakuhachi Bamboo Flute Performance

Musician: Alcvin Ryuzen Ramos

– 3:00-3:45  KIZUNA: Trust Inbetween Spaces of Past and Future

Presenter (PhD student, UBC): Yoriko Gillard

– 3:45-4:45  Poetry Writing Workshop

UBS Professor: Dr. Carl Leggo

– 4:45-5:00  Closing

– 5:00-6:00  Gathering

The event is free and a Japanese snack will be offered. 

The purpose of this gathering is to contemplate, to unfold, to belong, to cling, to love, and to hope for humanity. It is an educational event supported by UBC Language Sciences and the Department of Language and Literacy Education. Yoriko Gillard is a PhD student in the Department of Language and Literacy Education, an artist, poet, researcher, and teacher. Her goal is to create a trustful and heartful bond (Kizuna) between humanity through creative social acts. Dr. Carl Leggo is a UBC professor and poet who will help us to see the world in poetry.