Congratulations to our Fall 2020 Graduates!

The Department of Asian Studies extends a huge congratulations to all of our graduates in the November 2020 ceremony. We hope that you feel justifiably proud of your incredible achievements.

You can view the Powerpoint presentation below from our virtual graduation which was held on Thursday, November 26th, 2020 at 4:30pm PST:

YouTube Preview Image

And here is a group photo of some of our attendees!

We congratulate all of the following undergrad and graduate students:

Bachelor of Arts

  • Jean Kyna Velasquez Baltazar (Asian Area Studies)
  • Chieh Chao (Asian Language and Culture – Japan)
  • Zhiwei (Vivian) Chen (Asian Area Studies)
  • Miradee Chua (Asian Language and Culture – Japan)
  • Takahiro Horigome (Asian Language and Culture – Japan)
  • Shao Jie (Kent) Jian (Asian Language and Culture – China)
  • Shireen Khosa (Asian Language and Culture – South Asia)
  • Nam Wook Kim (Asian Language and Culture – Japan)
  • Gongwang (Timothy) Lyu (Asian Area Studies)
  • Won Young Na (Asian Area Studies)
  • Yiwen (Kennedy) Sheng (Asian Area Studies)
  • Jiayin Song (Asian Area Studies)
  • Ze Su (Asian Area Studies)
  • Juewei (Genevieve) Tan (Asian Language and Culture – Chinese Literature)
  • Huiwen Xu (Asian Language and Culture – Chinese Literature)
  • Hang Zhou (Asian Area Studies)

Master of Arts

  • Emmett Chan (Asian Religion – Tibetan Buddhism)
  • Sarah Fink (Asian Religion)
  • Rosaley Gai (Japanese)
  • Sukhwinder Gill (Punjabi)
  • Ali Khalaf  (Korean)
  • Haoyue Li (Chinese)
  • Meng Zhang (Chinese)


  • Peder Gedda (Punjabi)
  • Scott Wells (Korean)


Know a UBC student who is graduating this month? Shower them with support! Sign the virtual graduation guestbook here!