Work Learn Summer 2022 Events Assistant

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Application deadline: May 27, 2022

Date of Posting:           May 12, 2022

Work Learn positions are open only to students. To apply, please visit CareersOnline and search for the Job ID of each position (can be found below). We encourage all applicants to apply as soon as possible.

Applications are open for:

WL S22 Events Assistant – Asian Studies 

Job Description:

Asian Studies serves a huge, diverse and demographically complex clientele of learners, including heritage and non-heritage learners of various Asian languages, as well as learners from outside the Faculty of Arts who place intense enrollment pressures on our most popular Asian language and Asian culture courses.

The successful candidate will assist the Department’s Communications and Events Coordinator with the promotion and organization of the department’s events. The Events Assistant also provides support for the rental and setup of the department auditorium, tea gallery and seminar room.

Duties Performed:

–  Assisting the Department’s Communications and Events Coordinator
–  Assisting with the organization and planning of Department events
–  Preparing event logistics (sourcing catering, AV equipment, rentals, creating event materials, communicating with other event organizers and special guests, etc.)
–  Creating promotional content for events (invites, event landing pages and rsvp pages, physical and digital posters, visual assets, event summaries, etc.)
–  Adding event posts to and submitting events to and UBC Events
–  Supervising event volunteers
–  Assisting with Asian Centre Auditorium rentals and bookings
–  Communicating by email, phone or in-person with rental clients
–  Giving tours and orientations of the rental facilities
–  Preparing invoices, rental agreements and accepting payments
–  Setting up audio and video equipment
–  Overseeing events
–  Occasionally working flexible hours to assist with department evening events
–  Taking event photos and/or video
–  Selling and maintaining an inventory of Department merchandise


The successful candidate will work under the direct supervision of the Asian Studies’ Communications and Events Coordinator as well as work closely with the Asian Studies main office staff, the Department Administrator, and Department Head.

After completion of the orientation/training period, the Work Learn Student may work on assigned tasks under minimal supervision. It should be noted that there will always be an Asian Studies Office Staff member on hand to provide advice, direction and mentorship should the Work Learn Student have any questions or concerns.

Complexity of tasks:

The level of complexity of the tasks will gradually increase as the student becomes more familiar with their provided assignments. To start the tasks expected from the Work Learn Students may not be high in complexity; however, accuracy and strong organizational skills are required. Work performed by the Work Learn Student is essential to the day-to-day operation of Asian Studies. Some problem solving tasks may be assigned. If complex tasks are expected from the Work Learn Student, clear explanation and direction will be provided by the supervisor.

Qualifications Skills/Knowledge:

In order to excel in this position, the successful candidate must have experience in standard office procedures.


– Experience organizing and managing events
– Experience with customer service
– Experience supervising volunteers
– Strong communication & customer service skills
– Graphic design skills
– Strong attention to detail
– Photography and/or videography skills
– familiarity with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Dreamweaver

Education level:

Asian Studies students are preferred but the Work Learn Program position is open to qualified Work Learn students in other disciplines.

You would be a great fit if:

You are interested Asian studies and promoting it across campus.

You can work effectively both independently and as a team player.

Are detail oriented, flexible, conscientious and self-motivated.

Are organized, reliable and responsible.


Faculty of Arts

UBC Department

Department of Asian Studies

Student Learning Components (UBC Vancouver Work Study/Work Learn program)

Role as it relates to the goals of the program:

The Work Learn Student’s role will be instrumental in enabling Asian Studies to successfully market itself to all current and prospective students, the public community and Alumni. The duties and responsibilities given to the Work Learn Student will encourage and support personal growth and professional development.

A Safe, Supportive, Inclusive workplace:
Asian Studies is committed to having a diverse and inclusive workplace, safe for all. Besides mandatory training, we offer regular check-ins, open communication and peer support, and work with all our staff to maintain an environment where all are welcome.

Orientation and Training:

The Administrator/Admin Assistant will discuss the weekly work schedule, explain the time sheet submission process for payroll and provide training on computer systems and the use of office equipment on the first day.

In terms of duties, the Work Learn Student will receive one-on-one specific training on how to perform their tasks from the Communications and Events Coordinator.

Feedback and Ongoing Support:

A mid-point check-in will be conducted with the Work Learn Student to understand both the needs and any comments/feedback that the student/supervisor may have. Given the work environment is an open office layout with 4 workstations in one room, communication between the Work Learn Student and the office staff is encouraged. Regular feedback and on-going support will be provided. At the end of term, a more formal review will be conducted to ensure that both sides are receiving the intended support and that we are accomplishing our goals on an on-going basis.

Mentorship Opportunities:

For this position the Communications and Events Coordinator will be mentoring the Work Learn student.

Some ad-hoc tasks may require the Work Learn Student to work with other team members within the Department. This provides an opportunity for the student to observe different skill sets at different levels, and to learn from their expertise and experience in working in a Faculty/Student driven environment. Currently, the Department encompasses staff at various stages of their working career and Faculty whose expertise and knowledge is in various Asian areas. If the Student has questions or needs advice, these Department members can share their experience, expertise and knowledge with the students.


Students will complete both a mid-term check in as well as a term end evaluation where they will be asked to elaborate on their strengths and weaknesses. We hope to work with students to help them develop in areas they personally feel need improvement. Students will also be encouraged to provide feedback to us weekly about ways we can help them in the position.

Personal and Professional Development:

We believe that working with the department will serve as an introduction for many of the students to a professional work place. Working with the Communications and Events coordinator will give them valuable hands-on experience in communications and events. Students are expected to be self-motivated and bring up areas they would like to develop. This is a great opportunity for students to gain experience not just in a general office environment, but also working on specific project(s) as part of a team. Students will learn general office skills, enhance communication abilities and develop project management skills, including research, planning, implementing and follow up.

Complement Classroom Learning:

Students will be able to gain valuable problem solving skills they can take back to the classroom and apply. They will also be practiced in scheduling and time management as they become competent in managing both their course load and their Work Learn job. We find that over the course of the appointment students develop stronger written communication skills as well.

Workplace Skills or Graduate competencies:

For those students wishing to pursue a job at UBC after graduation the skills learnt from this position are invaluable. They will have a firsthand look at many of the different software and processes at UBC. For students that are interested in graduate school they will have a better understanding of the processes involved as well as opportunities to network with current graduate students of the department as well as potential future supervisors.


For students considering graduate studies, especially in Asian Studies, working in the office is a great way to familiarize yourself with the department and develop relationships with the faculty. In more than one case our Work Learn students have gone on to become Research Assistants or Teaching Assistants under the supervision of faculty members. Students also play a key role in our events and have the opportunity to work with alumni, other UBC employees and our contacts in the community.

Hours Per Week


Salary / Wage


Preferred Degrees/Disciplines

Arts/Social Sciences

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Anticipated Start Date

July 1, 2022

Experience Level

Current Students in an Undergraduate Program




Connie Wu

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UBC Faculty, Department, Unit or Student Group