Ajay Bhardwaj holds two Master’s degrees, in the fields of Political Science and Mass Communications. Since 2002, Bhardwaj has been cinematically engaged with documenting stories of the northwestern state of Punjab, which resulted in a trilogy (of documentaries) located at the intersection of Dalit religiosity, performance traditions and memories of partition. In 2013, Bhardwaj returned to academia and is keen on reconceptualising the ‘cross-religious’, revisiting the relationship between performance and social identity, and reimagining the dialogue between discursive knowledge and ‘non-fiction’ film in East Punjab. He is a PhD candidate at the department of Asian Studies, and a UBC Public Scholar. He was given the Public Scholars Initiative (PSI) award for 2015-2016 and 2016-2017.

Winter 2018

ASIA475 Documenting Punjabi Canada Sections

Exploration of the history of the Punjabi Canadian community through traditional text-based methods and oral history collection (in English or Punjabi).