CedarBough T. Saeji moved to the Republic of Korea in 1996. Saeji has since spent almost fifteen years in Korea, where she completed an MA in Korean Studies (Yonsei University, 2006). Outside of Korea she has spent time elsewhere in Asia and completed the coursework for her PhD in Culture and Performance (UCLA, 2012). She is proud of her publishing track record since her graduation, including several peer-reviewed journal articles and chapters in edited volumes. While at UBC she will be teaching one class: “Korea Popular Music in Context,” wrapping up her first book manuscript (working title Korean Theatrical Heritage: Mask Dance Dramas Fighting for a Place in the Modern World), and beginning a new research project. Saeji is almost always ready for a cup of black coffee and a discussion of Asian (particularly Korean) culture, society, and history.

Winter 2018

ASIA327 Korean Popular Music in Context Sections

History, contexts, and the genres of Korean popular music. Students will analyze specific artists and songs using a range of approaches. While an understanding of basic concepts of music will be helpful, no previous exposure to ethnomusicology or music performance is required.

Winter 2018

ASIA367 Contemporary Korean Culture Sections

An introduction to the literature, drama, music, and art of Korea today. Particular attention will be paid to the continuing influence of traditional themes and forms.

Winter 2018

ASIA499 Honours Thesis Sections

Restricted to fourth-year students admitted to the Honours Program in Asian Studies.