Charles Li received his doctorate in Sanskrit and South Asian Studies from the University of Cambridge. As part of his dissertation, he has produced a digital, critical edition of Bhartṛhari’s Dravyasamuddeśa — a 5th-century Sanskrit treatise on the philosophy of language — and its 10th-century commentary. In tandem with his work on philosophy, his research also involves philology, comparative literature, and the history of ideas.

Dr. Li is currently a postdoctoral fellow on the Vetāla Project, led by Adheesh Sathaye, where he is developing digital tools for the study of large textual traditions. He also teaches courses on Indian philosophy and religious traditions.

Recent lectures at the department

“What use is a Digital Edition?” 16 March 2018.

“Reconstructing Ānanda’s grief in the Mahāparinirvāṇa Sūtra.” 14 March 2018.

Recent publications

“Sounding out différance: Derrida, Saussure, and Bhartṛhari.” Philosophy East and West 68:4. Hawai’i: University of Hawai’i, April 2018.

“Critical diplomatic editing: Applying text-critical principles as algorithms.” Advances in Digital Scholarly Editing. Ed. P. Boot et al. Leiden: Sidestone Press, November 2017.

“Schopenhauer’s fictions.” Variaciones Borges 41. Pittsburgh: Borges Center, University of Pittsburgh, May 2016.