Lizhen Wang holds her Master’s Degree in pre-modern Chinese literature from Fudan University in Shanghai. Her M.A. thesis examined Ming dramatist Shen Jing’s theory on the prosody of Chinese traditional plays. Lizhen’s current research interests include literature and performance, cultural and intellectual history in late imperial China. Her research focuses on Chinese traditional drama, including chuanqi and zaju plays, and theatrical genre of kunqu, jingju, etc. Particularly, she is interested in the historical process “from page to stage” in which dynamic cultural powers participated. Recently her interest has also grown into Japanese traditional theatre, such as noh, kabuki and bunraku, and their reception in modern Japanese society and the west. Lizhen has presented at Association for Theatre in Higher Education with a paper titled “Revival or Destruction: the Power Shifting of Kunqu Stage after 1949” (Orlando, 2013).