Research Interest

Indonesian and Malay literature, representations of women in island Southeast Asia, feminist literary criticism, postcolonial theory

Educational Background

PhD (1990) in modern Indonesian literature,
Leiden University, The Netherlands

MA (1982) in Indonesian and Malay language and literature,
Leiden University, The Netherlands

BA (1979) in Indonesian and Javanese language, literature and culture
Leiden University, The Netherlands

Major Publications


2012 Women and Malay Voices. Undercurrent Murmurings in Indonesia’s Colonial Past. New York: Peter Lang Publishing. 204 pp.

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2007 [Indonesian translation] Citra Kaum Perempuan di Hindia Belanda. Jakarta: Yayasan Obor. 122 pp.

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Refereed Articles

2011a “Abidah El Khalieqy’s Novels. Challenging Patriarchal Islam” Bijdragen tot de Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde,167.1. pp. 16-30.

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Book chapters

2009 “Translation – Manipulation: Tjerita Nona Diana” in Sadur: Sejarah Terjemahan di Indonesia dan Malaysia, ed. Henri Chambert-Loir. Jakarta: KPG (Kepustakaan Populer Gramedia). pp. 679-689.

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Other articles

2011 “Modern Family. Review: Leila S. Chudori’s Latest Novel Raises Poignant Questions about Family, Home and Belonging” Inside Indonesia 104 (April-June).

2009 “Female Sexuality and Reproduction in Sekar Ayu Asmara’s Work” in Par delà les frontières intellectuelles et politique: les études sud-est asiatiques au XXIe siècle. Beyond Boundaries: Southeast Asian Studies in the 21st Century, ed. Steve Déry. Université Laval: Institut des houtes études internationales. pp. 89-102.

2007 “Nostalgia in Yogyakarta”: The Film Biola Tak Berdawai (Stringless Violin)” in Arts, Popular Culture and Social Change in the New Indonesia, ed. Michael Leaf. Vancouver: IAR, UBC and Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia, pp.101-118.

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Courses Taught at UBC

Indonesian language, all levels (INDO 102, INDO 200, SEAL 440)
Southeast Asian literature in translation (ASIA 375, ASIA 349)
Gender in Southeast Asian literature (ASIA 359)
Introduction to Southeast Asia (ASIA 206)
Cultural Foundations of Southeast Asia (ASIA 209)
History of Indonesian civilization (ASIA 362)
Asian literature in translation: a comparative approach (ASIA 350)
Women in literature (WMST 224)
Approaches to Asian Literature (ASIA 570)
Directed Readings (ASIA 580)