Searching for Graduate Student Mentors: Research Experience Program (REX)

Undergraduate Research Opportunities is a student-led, AMS-constituted UBC
club. They run the Research EXperience (REX) program where undergraduate
students are paired with post-doctoral and graduate students to design a
theoretical research project. At the end of the program, the undergraduate
students present their finished projects at MURC, one of the largest
undergraduate research conferences in BC. This initiative provides
undergraduates early exposure to the valuable world of research without
the monetary and logistical constraints associated with the traditional
laboratory experience. The 2015-16 program saw the participation of over
110 mentors and 450 undergraduate applicants.

What is REX?
REX is a six-month long program designed to help undergraduate students
build essential research skills through a prospective research project (no
results, lab time, or lab resources required). The skills acquired by the
prospective students include:
·         Answering research questions
·         Understanding how to perform literature reviews
·         Synthesizing an experimental design
·         Creating & printing a research poster
·         Learning how to present a research poster

They are currently looking for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows
who are interested in committing a minimum of 3 hours each month to act as
a mentor. It is a great opportunity for graduate students to gain
mentorship, leadership, and management skills.  Furthermore, the REX
program assists mentors on the lookout for promising students to take into
their lab through direct evaluation for 6 months (October to March).

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