Asia Research


The Arts research requirements may be met with ASIA courses on specific Asian topics as well as upper-division KORN and JAPN courses which have “research” or a genre of research in the course title or in the Calendar description of the course.

ASIA 408 – Religion, Society, and Secularism in Modern India – (3) The post-colonial nation-state and the challenge of a multi-religious society. Religious and secular discourse in colonial India, the partition, the modern constitution, secularism, Hindu and Muslim mobilization, and religious radicalism and communal violence.

ASIA 427 – Topics in Korean Popular Culture (Hallyu) – (3) A survey of one of the primary areas of Korean popular culture, such as television dramas, film, K-Pop music, graphic novels and webtoons, or Hanshik cuisine.
Prerequisite: One of ASIA 327, ASIA 347, ASIA 357, ASIA 447, ASIA 452, ASIA 457. Or placement approval. Restricted to fourth-year students. Prior to registration, a minimum of 9 credits of 300-level ASIA coursework recommended.

ASIA 440 – Cultural History of Imperial China – (3-6) An in-depth examination of the construction, transmission, and transformation of Chinese culture(s) prior to 1800.
Equivalency: HIST 479.

ASIA 442 – Lives of Chinese Books – (3) Concepts and methods for understanding the lives of books across time, through an examination of both the material forms of a text and its cultural reception. Focus on one major work from pre-modern China.

ASIA 451 – Modern Chinese Authors in Translation – (3) Study of one influential modern Chinese author, such as Lu Xun, Shen Congwen, Eileen Chang, Yu Hua, Mo Yan, or Wang Anyi.

ASIA 453 – Japanese Travel Literature – (3) Japanese travel literature (myths, legends, poetry, tales, diaries, illustrated guides, satiric sermons, haiku, comic fiction, colonial reporting, and ethnography) from the 8th century to present.

ASIA 468 – Approaches to the Study of Asian Religions – (3) The Western genealogy and problematics of religion, issues in its application to non-Western cultures and traditions, and the practical study of Asian religions, in Asia and its diasporas.
Prerequisite: One of ASIA 376, ASIA 381, ASIA 382, ASIA 383, ASIA 387.

ASIA 477 New Religious Movements of East Asia – (3) Examines the rise of new religious movements in China, Japan, and Korea over the last two centuries, from the Taiping, Tonghak, and Tenri-kyo to the Unification Church, SGI International, and Falun Gong. Credit will not be granted for both ASIA 477 and 577.
Prerequisite: Restricted to fourth-year students. Prior to registration, a minimum of 9 credits of 300-level ASIA coursework recommended.

ASIA 495 – Folk Cultures in the Asian Diaspora – (3) The mediation of folklore (e.g. slang, songs, games, dance, foodways) in the everyday lives of immigrant and transnational Asian communities. Emphasis on Asian-Canadian folklore in Greater Vancouver through digital documentary media production and archival folklore research.

ASIA 498 – Asia and the Museological Imagination – (3) Museological representations of Asia and Asian forms of museological representation in colonial and post-colonial contexts. Credit will not be granted for both ASIA 498 and ASIA 598.

ASIA 499 Honours Thesis – (3) Restricted to fourth-year students admitted to the Honours Program in Asian Studies.
Prerequisite: Restricted to fourth-year students. Prior to registration, a minimum of 9 credits of 300-level ASIA coursework recommended.

JAPN 408 Readings in Modern Japanese Literature – (3) An advanced course in the reading and analysis of literary texts in modern Japanese. Advanced conversation, translation into English and practice in the use of standard reference tools as preparation for advanced research in Japanese. Credit will be granted for only one of JAPN 453 or JAPN 408. This course is not eligible for Credit/D/Fail grading.
Prerequisite: One of JAPN 301, JAPN 401.

JAPN 452 – Researching Modern Japanese Religions – (3) Research tools and approaches to the interdisciplinary study of modern Japanese religions (nineteenth century to the present) including state-of-the-field works in English, and locating primary and secondary materials in Japanese.
Prerequisite: 6 credits of 200- or 300-level courses in Asian religions; 3 credit writing-intensive course in Asian Studies; ability to read modern Japanese or 18 credits of Japanese language courses.

KORN 410 – Modern Korean Short Fiction – (3/6) Reading and translating twentieth-century Korean short fiction.
Prerequisite: KORN 300.