Majors and Minors


The Department of Asian Studies offers programs of study that lead to the degrees of Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Arts, and Bachelor of Arts.

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This is a disclaimer for all undergraduate students who are not enrolled in the Faculty of Arts and who wish to Minor in Asian Studies.

Bachelor of Science and Minor in Arts

Students should design a course of studies for their proposed Arts Minor, which must be approved by a senior faculty advisor in the Faculty of Science Dean’s Office at the beginning of second year.

For the 18-credit Minor in Arts students must submit their complete application to the Science Advising Office for review.

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Bachelor of Commerce and Minor in Arts

If you plan to do a Minor in Arts, you will need to complete a Minor Study Plan which is available at the Sauder Undergraduate Office.   Once you have your Minor Study Plan approved by the Arts Departmental Advisor, submit the approved study plan to the Sauder Undergraduate Office (UGO).

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