How to Apply for Awards


Prizes are awarded based on academic achievement at the end of a session and recipients are not required to return to UBC in order to receive them. They may be awarded on the basis of performance in a specific course, best marks in a program, or for other specified reasons.


Scholarships are awarded primarily for academic achievement but some may require achievement in other areas such as leadership, community service, artisticĀ endeavorsĀ  and athletics. Typically, they are offered based on achievements in the preceding school year and awarded at the beginning of the Winter Session.


For minimum course load requirements and information on retaining scholarships, awards, and prizes, please see the UBC Senate Regulations Governing University Awards.

For more information about specific requirements for each award, please take a look at theĀ Award Booklet 2017-2018.

Students can nominate themselves if they meet the requirements of a particular award (as per the detailed listing of awards above). Please submit a written request with your name, UBC student number, and the prize(s) and/or scholarship(s) which you would like to nominate yourself for and forward to the Department of Asian Studies.

The deadline for nominations is May 15th each year.

The award winners are determined by a committee of faculty members and staff in the Department of Asian Studies. The committee’s decisions are based on GPA and faculty recommendations along with course marks, as well as achievements in other areas, where applicable. The marks taken into account are generally those of the preceding academic year.

The Chair of the Undergraduate Committee will forward the committee’s recommendations to the Awards Office for approval. Awardees are informed before the end of the fall term.

For any questions regarding Asian Studies’s awards, please contact our Undergraduate Advisor, Shirley Wong.