Ph.D, Department of East Asian Studies, University of Toronto
M.A., Department of Asian Studies, UBC
B.A., School of Oriental & African Studies, University of London
Assistant Professor, IAR, UBC
Other academic activities Winter 2008-09
  • Roundtable moderator: “The Transmission of Affect and Value in East Asia”, Workshop on “Affects and Markets in Contemporary East Asia”, SimonFraserUniversity, May 2009.
  • Discussant & chair, “Politics and Meaning in Everyday Life: Class Labels, Psychotherapy and Religious Practices”, BC China Scholars’ Symposium, 2009 (SimonFraserUniversity), March 2009.
  • Panel Convenor, “Translation and the Canon”, Translation and Authority Workshop, Peter Wall Institute, March 2009.
  • Member, organizing committee, and panellist, Dialogue on the Asia-Pacific Gateway Initiative, February 2009.
  • Panellist, Centre for Japanese Research, Workshop on Japanese Centres in North America, Autumn, 2008
  • Consultant,Chinese art and culture, Dorling Kindersley Publishers, 2008.
  • Panel Organizer,“Circumstantial Evidence: Living Law in Ming and Early Qing China”, Association for Asian Studies, Atlanta April 2008.
Academic & University Service
  • Director, Centre for Chinese Research, IAR, 2004 –
  • Member, Sessional Faculty Task Force, Asian Studies, 2008 –
  • Compiler & editor of CCR web pages for new IAR website 2008.
  • Member, Renditions Editorial Board 2007 –
  • Guest editor, Renditions, special volume on violence in Ming and Qing literature, Nov. 2008.
  • IAR representative, UBC Asia Open House (Asia Voilà!) organizing committee, 2009.
  • Chair, IAR Liaison Committee
  • Chair, IARBuilding Committee
  • Member, IAR Equity Committee
  • Member, IAR Teaching Committee
Organizer / Joint Organizer of CCR Events
  • Joint organizer, Conference: “Politics, Memory, & Dissent: May Fourth, June Fourth, and Beyond”. May 2009.
  • Joint Organizer:“Forum on the Sichuan Earthquake and the Burmese Cyclone: Observations, Reflection, and Actions.” May 2008.
  • Main organizer,Workshop on,“Staging the Beijing Olympics: Visions, Tensions, & Dreams.” May 2008.
  • Organizer, Brown Bag Lunch Seminars, Centre for Chinese Research, 2007-2009.
  • Guest editor, Renditions. Vol. 70 (Nov. 2008): Violence in Ming and Qing Literature. (Editor’s Introduction: “Writing (And Reading) Violence”, 5-12).
  • Introductory note to “Shang Sanguan”, by Pu Songling, translated by Catherine Swatek, Renditions. Vol. 70 (Nov. 2008), 59-61.
  • Introductory note to “The Cold and the Dark: Extracts”, by Pu Songling, translated by C. D. Alison Bailey and Bonnie S. McDougall. Renditions. Vol. 70 (Nov. 2008), 65-67.
  • “Reading Between the Lines: Representations and Containment of Disorder in Late Ming & Early Qing Legal Texts”. Ming Studies. Forthcoming, Fall 2009.
  • A Shield for a Pillow: A Cultural History of Filial Revenge. Book manuscript in progress. Under contract to Brill, due December 2009.
Translations (from Chinese to English)
  • Extracts from Chs 3-5 from Pu Songling’s “The Cold and the Dark” (17th century); in Renditions Vol. 70, 2008, co-translated with Bonnie S. McDougall. 68-88
Reviews / other
  • Review of Revolution of the Heart: A Genealogy of Love in China 1900-1950, by Haiyan Lee. Stanford, CA.: StanfordUniversity Press, 2007, in, The China Quarterly, March 2008 (no. 193), 197-198.
Conference and Workshop Papers
  • “History, Trauma, and Evasion: The Politics of Forgetting in “The Knot” and “SummerPalace” “. Centre for Chinese Research, IAR, Spring Workshop: “Politics, Memory, and Dissent: May, Fourth, June Fourth, and Beyond.” May 2009.
  • “On the Margins of Empires: Canada, Taiwan, Education, and Global Citizenship. A Think Piece.” College of Social Sciences, NationalChengchiUniversity, Taipei conference: “Globalization: Democracy, Institutions and Change.” June 2009.
  • “The Sichuan Earthquake: An Overview”, Forum on the Sichuan Earthquake and Burmese Cyclone: Observations, Reflections, and Actions, May 2008, Institute of Asian Research, UBC.
  • “Living Law and Changing Times: Wang Mingde’s (fl. 1674) Meditations on the Law”, AAS Atlanta, April 2008. (Part of panel entitled, “Circumstantial Evidence: “Living Law in Ming and Early Qing China”, organized by Alison Bailey).
Teaching 2008 -09
  • IAR 515A: Chinese Film & Identity
  • IAR 515K: Pre-Modern Chinese Law
  • Member of four PhD committees (Asian Studies: pre-modern Chinese & Korean literature & Buddhist studies). Hyuk-chan Kwon, Mary Ngai, Rosanna Sze, Leif Olsen.
  • Member of six M.A. committees (Asian Studies: pre-modern and modern Chinese literature & film); one completion May 2008; co-supervisor for one. Two completions April 2009. Courtney Loo (2008); Vickie Yau (April 2009); Earl Naismith (March 2009); Gary Wang; Marie O’Connor; Joshua Stenberg.