Graduate Courses 2021-2022


ASIA 570A (033) – Pan-Asian New Media: Video Games [3.0 credits]
Instructor: Dr. Colleen Laird

Term 1, Thursdays, 2:00pm-5:00pm, Classroom:  BUCH B216

Course Description: TBA




ASIA 501A (017) – Research Methods and Source Materials in Classical Chinese Studies [3.0 credits]
Instructor: Dr. Leo Shin

Term 1, Mondays, 3:00pm-5:30pm, Classroom:  BUCH B303

An introduction to the research tools for the study of China. Topics to be covered will in part depend on the students’ particular research interests. Special attention will be given to the expanding universe of digital resources.


ASIA 502A (026) – Modern Chinese Fiction and Western Criticism[3.0 credits]
Instructor: Dr. Christopher Rea

Term 1, Tuesdays, 2:00pm-5:00pm, Classroom: SOWK 324

Course Description: TBA


ASIA 511B (012) – Readings in Chinese Religious Texts [3.0 credits]
Instructor: Dr. Jinhua Chen

Term 1, Mondays, 10:00am-12:30pm, Classroom: BUCH B312

Topics of this course will be flexible, adjusting to the interest and background of the students. Selections for readings can be from any important Chinese Buddhist and Taoist texts belonging to any major Buddhist and Taoist traditions of any period. Focus is given to the doctrinal issues implied in a specific genre of Buddhist and Taoist texts. Methodological issues of interpreting Chinese Buddhist and Taoist texts are also to be discussed.

In addition to intensive reading of the original texts, students are to be trained in some basic methods indispensable for the research of Sinology in general and Buddhism and Taoism in particular. Students will be required to demonstrate at least basic competence in all the following areas:

  • Dictionaries (general and specialized).
  • Bibliographies and bibliographic databases in European and East Asian languages.
  • Historical Geography of China, Central Asia and India.
  • Use of maps, atlases and dictionaries.
  • Biography (religious and secular).
  • Official and religious titles.
  • Dates and chronologies.
  • Books and authors.
  • Structure and content of the Buddhist (and Taoist) canons.
  • Extra-canonical works and collectanea.
  • Indices and concordances (including electronic resources such as the Academia Sinica website).
  • Dunhuang materials.
  • Epigraphy.
  • Gazeteers (secular and monastic).
  • Dynastic histories.
  • Biji, anecdotal sources and unofficial histories.
  • Poetry.
  • Art historical sources.

By the end of this course students are expected to punctuate original Chinese Buddhist and Taoist texts correctly, translate them appropriately and interpret them both faithfully and creatively.


ASIA 514B (035) – Topics in Modern Chinese Literature [3.0 credits]
Instructor: Dr. Renren Yang

Term 1, Fridays, 2:00pm-5:00pm, Classroom: BUCH D325

Course Description: TBA


ASIA 590 (004) – Topics in Chinese Literature [3.0 credits]
Instructor: Dr. Alison Bailey

Term 2, Date and Time: TBA, Classroom TBA

This course will focus on philosophical, literary and visual representations of emotion in pre-modern and modern China, tracing various themes, definitions, concepts, categories and trajectories across time. We will explore certain typologies of emotional expression in a range of texts, visual images, and contexts to navigate the vast and complex histories of emotion, using a variety of different lenses and approaches to try to understand what, who, how, which, where, and when shape, define and articulate emotion.


ASIA 532A (021) – Topics in Traditional Japanese Literature [3.0 credits]
Instructor: Dr. Christina Laffin

Term 1, Fridays, 3:00pm-6:00pm, Classroom: BUCH B307

Course Description: TBA


ASIA 532B (009) – Advanced Readings in Classical Japanese Literature [3.0 credits]
Instructor: Dr. Joshua Mostow

Term 2, Date and Time: TBA

Transcribing, reading, translating, and analyzing Buke Hyakunin isshu 『武家百人一首』in an illustrated and annotated 1672 edition. Previous knowledge of kuzushiji 崩字 not required.


ASIA 533A (011) – Seminar in Modern Japanese Literature [3.0 credits]
Instructor: Dr. Sharalyn Orbaugh

Term 2, Date and Time: TBA

Course Description: TBA



To be announced.


South Asia


Theories, Methods & Pan-Regional

ASIA 591 (010) – Critical Issues in Asian Studies [ 3.0 credits]
Instructor: Dr. Harjot Oberoi

Term 1, Wednesdays, 5:00pm-8:00pm.  Classroom: BUCH B309

Proseminar introducing major methodological and conceptual themes in the contemporary study of Asia, modern and pre-modern. Required of all Asian Studies PhD students, normally in their first year.


ASIA 592 (206) – The Profession of Asian Studies [ 3.0 credits]
Instructor: Dr. Christina Yi

Term 1, Wednesdays, 5:00pm-7:00pm, Classroom: BUCH B209

In this course, students will gain important knowledge and skills relevant to MA program. Topics we will discuss include expectations for seminar participation and writing at the graduate level, grant proposals, the ins and outs of conference participation (including giving presentations), MA thesis writing, PhD program overviews, and the history and theories of “area studies.” The course is strongly recommended for all incoming MA students.

NOTE: This year, we will be offering a version of the course for MA students. MA students should sign up for this section.


ASIA 516 (028) – Race, Indigeneity and Coloniality in Asia and Beyond [3.0 credits]
Instructor: Dr. Sunera Thobani

Term 2, Date and Time: TBA

This Graduate Seminar introduces students to ideas and issues related to race, racialization, Indigeneity and coloniality in Asia and Beyond. Students will explore key concepts in Critical Race, Indigenous and Post-Colonial Studies that deconstruct western theoretical and political frameworks, and help us to interrogate how the formation of the ‘West’ and ‘Asia/the Orient’ shaped capitalist modernity. We will also examine how race and Indigeneity intersect with gender, sexuality and nation in specific Asian contexts.

Course assignments provide maximum opportunity for students to focus their study of racialization and Indigenization in the contexts of their graduate research area. Our close reading of the course texts will also allow students to learn self-reflexivity, and attend to our changing positionality within global and local racial/colonial hierarchies.

NOTE: This seminar counts for the pan-Asian theory course requirement for Asian Studies PhD students.


ASIA 561B (031) – Problems of Modernization in Eastern and Southern Asia [3.0 credits]
Instructor: Dr. Hyung-Gu Lynn

Term 2, Mondays, 4:00pm-7:00pm, Classroom:  BUCH B209

Course Description: TBA



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