1. Registration/Change of Registration form
  2. Research Supervisory Committee form
  3. Thesis Approval form  (Master) 
  4. Permission to proceed to Comprehensive Exam Form
  5. List of Comprehensive Exam Fields
  6. Comprehensive Examination Formats (Sample)
  7. Comprehensive Examination Documents
  8. Recommendation for Advancement to Candidacy
  9. Approval of Dissertation Prospectus Form
  10. Sample time line
  11. TA Workload Summary Form – Winter (sample)
  12. TA Workload Summary Form – Summer
  13. Travel Grant Application for Graduate Students
  14. MA Annual Progress Report
  15. PhD Annual Progress Report
  16. MA Student Checklist
  17. First Year PhD Students Checklist (program start 2017/09)
  18. Second Year PhD Students Checklist (program start 2016/09)