Placement Tests

Some of the Asian language courses require students to fill out an online placement questionnaire to determine their appropriate course level.

Upon completion, you will either receive a certificate for a specific course or asked to attend a placement interview to further assess your level of competency. You must complete your placement interview before the first day of classes.

If you cannot attend your placement interview before your registration date, you may register for the course first and attend your interview before the first day of classes. However, if you have registered and are later not approved to take the course, you will lose your spot and will not be guaranteed a seat in a more suitable course level.

For those who have already taken a prerequisite course at UBC and received over 60%, you do not need to go through this process again. You may register for the next level course.

If you want to know about placement test requirements for a specific language program, please visit the relevant Asian language page.

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