History and historical geography of premodern and early modern India.
Her main area of inquiry is social history with particular interests in the history of family and kinship and the meaning of place in Indian society and culture. Other areas of interest include theories of historical narrative, the social history of religion and imperialism. Background includes studies in Sanskrit, Marathi, premodern history, Hinduism and Buddhism. In recent years her work has been on the 17th to19th centuries, with concentration on Maharashtra and peninsular India. Currently she is engaged in a major project tracing the meaning of place in Indian society and culture from the earliest period to 1900.


M.A. (British Columbia) – Premodern South Asian History and Buddhism
Ph.D. (Toronto) – Social and economic history of early modern India
Commonwealth Scholar to India
Shastri Indo Canadian Institute postdoctoral and faculty fellow


Courses Taught

ASIA 100 – Introduction to Traditional Asia
ASIA 101 – Introduction to Modern Asia
ASIA 208 – Cultural Fundamentals of South Asia
ASIA 318 – Premodern India
ASIA 338 – Modern India
ASIA 418 – Social History of India
ASIA 428 – The Mughals
ASIA 541 – Research Methods and Source Materials in South Asian Studies
ASIA 550 – Topics in Early South Asian Civilizations