Imagining Time in India: Persian Chroniclers and Their Interpreters

Friday October 11, 2019
5:00 PM - 6:30 PM
C.K. Choi Building, Room 120
1855 West Mall, Vancouver

سلسله سخنرانی‌های ایران‌شناسی و فارسی‌پژوهی علیرضا احمدیان

انگاشتنِ زمان در هند: وقایع‌نگاران فارسی‌نویس و مفسران‌شان

سخنران: دکتر شهزاد بشیر، استاد علوم انسانی اسلامی و مطالعات دینی، دانشگاه براون

هند در دوره سال‌های ۱۵۰۰ تا ۱۹۰۰ میلادی صحنهٔ تولید ادبیات وقایع‌نگاری وسیع و متنوع به زبان فارسی بود. در طول قرن نوزدهم، محققان اروپایی (شامل چهره‌های برجسته‌ای چون الیوت و داوسون) از این آثار برای ایجاد درک مدرن از تاریخ جنوب آسیا استفاده کردند که تا به امروز به‌عنوان تصویر غالب از این تاریخ باقی مانده است.


India was the scene for the production of a vast, internally diverse chronicle literature in Persian during the period 1500-1900 CE. During the nineteenth century, European scholars (such as the famous Elliot and Dowson) made selective use of this material to create the modern understanding of South Asian history that remains dominant to the present.

Speaker: Shahzad Bashir, Ph.D., Aga Khan Professor of Islamic Humanities Professor of Religious Studies, Brown University.


About the Alireza Ahmadian Lectures in Iranian and Persianate Studies: Alireza Ahmadian (1981 – 2019) was an enthusiastic researcher, a consummate socio-political analyst, and an opinion leader on foreign policy who nurtured the virtues of diplomatic dialogue and liberal democracy. Alireza was a proud and devoted UBC alumnus, supporter of UBC’s Department of Asian Studies, and beloved member of Canadian-Iranian Community. The department renamed this lecture series in his honour in 2019. Alireza’s friends in the community have provided funding to support this series, and this generous gift will see these important academic and community engagement events supported through to the end of the 2025/2026 academic year. Read More …
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