“Intercultural Learning in Language Teaching” Workshop

Wednesday December 4, 2019
12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Dodson Room, Irving K Barber Learning Centre


In language education, intercultural learning has been understood as navigating cultural differences or mélanges, as involving specific kinds of knowledge or savoirs, as developing the capacity for empathy, perspective taking, and adaptability, or as actively engaging in the process of making and interpreting meaning. This workshop provides an opportunity to explore how language teachers can approach intercultural learning with their students, how conceptions of culture and language can impact course instruction and content, and will include teaching activities and texts that offer a means of learning culture through language.

The workshop will guide participants through a discussion of key concepts and definitions with a focus on the role of stereotypes and notions of cultural grouping, belonging and identity. The activities will allow participants to explore intercultural understanding from their own perspectives and to model the use of authentic texts and resources for their own teaching. The final part of the workshop will offer an overview of an assessment model that has been developed for intercultural language teaching and learning.

Speaker: Meike Wernicke
Date and Time: Wednesday, December 4th, 12-3pm
Location: Dodson Room, 3rd Floor, Irving K. Barber Learning Centre

Dr. Wernicke is Assistant Professor in the Department of Language and Literacy Education at the University of British Columbia. She has an extensive background in Modern language teaching (German and French), French Linguistics, as well as German heritage language education. Her research interests include intercultural education, bi-/multilingual language policy and pedagogies, and discourse analytic research methodologies.

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